Welcome to the public library of Georgsmarienhütte!

The library of Georgsmarienhütte is open to everyone and the building is barrier-free with an elevator.

The library holds about 40.000 items from the following areas:

• fiction & non-fiction books
• children’s books & children’s audiobooks
• newspapers & magazines
DVDs & CDs
• boardgames & console games
• audiobooks & music
• dictionaries & maps

In addition to our inventory there are many events and activities.

Opening Hours

Monday 10am – 12pm 2pm – 6pm
Tuesday 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday 2pm – 6pm
Thursday 10am – 12pm 2pm – 7pm
Friday 10am – 12pm 2pm – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm

During the summer holidays the library is closed on saturdays.

You can use our collection within the library without registration. To borrow items from the library you need to register and obtain a library card.
By registering you accept our terms and conditions. You can have a look at our terms and conditions at the library or on our website.
Children and teenagers under the age of 16 need a declaration of agreement from their parent or legal guardian. The library card is not transferable to other people.

People who do not hold German citizenship need some form of proof of identity and a certificate of residence. This certificate (German Meldebescheinigung) is usually available at your community’s citizen centre (Bürgeramt). The citizen centres might demand fees for it.

Membership and Fees
We charge an annual membership fee of 20.00 € for adults.
The annual membership fee can be reduced to 10.00 € for people with disabilities, pupils, students, apprentices and recipients of German “ALG II” (unemployed people).
The membership is free for young people up to 17 years and for families who hold the “Georgsmarienhütter Familienpass”.
After paying the annual fee you can borrow all items including DVDs and e-media without extra fees (the only exception being bestsellers).

Instead of paying the annual fee you can pay a single fee for one loan period (without access to e-media from “Onleihe ebib2go”).

There is a fee of 2.00 € for borrowing a bestseller. For a renewal (only once for 14 days) we charge 1.00 €.

Loan periods:  
books, audio-books, (board)games, children's CDs:4 weeks
e-media3 Weeks
console games, non-fiction DVDs:2 Weeks
DVDs, blu-rays, music-CDs, magazines1 Week

Online services
Everyone can search our catalogue online.
Registered users can also directly access their user account
or download ebooks and e-audios from our online-library.

Overdue fines
We charge a fee of 0.55 € per item per week if an item is overdue. After two weeks we send a letter with a reminder for which we charge extra fees.

You can renew your borrowed items for up to three extra loan periods. You can renew by telephone, email, user account or come to the library in person. Items which have been reserved by someone else cannot be renewed. Other exceptions of renewal are noted on the respective item.

Reminder of loan periods
If you add your email-address to your user account, you will receive an automatically generated reminder two days before the loan period expires. Please note that this email does not renew your items and make sure your software does not mark it as spam.

If you want to borrow an item which is already borrowed by someone else, you can reserve it for a fee of 1.00 €. We will inform you by mail when the item is available and keep it reserved for you for one week.

Interlibrary loan
If you are looking for a book which is not in our collection we try to obtain it through interlibrary loan from another library.

Computer and Internet use at the library
You can use the internet on our library computers for free for 30 minutes each day per person. After that we charge a fee of 0.50 € for 15 minutes. With your own device you can access our WLAN for three hours each day for free. You can get the required tickets and passwords at our issues desk.
Printouts cost 0.10 € for each page.

Special offers for people learning German
Dialog in Deutsch (dialogue in German)
• (pictorial) dictionaries and books for self-studying

Phone: 0049 05401-41427